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HiLetgo D1 lite

Paid Review - The supplier offered to refund the purchase price of this item in exchange for a review. It's an item I was buying anyway. This article was written before receiving the refund.

Over the last couple of years, I've been using the ESP82xx chips in a lot of projects. HiLetgo asked if I'd review their build of the Wemos D1 Lite, which is a D1 layout module, but with the ESP8285 rather than the ESP8266. The chip in the middle is basically an 8266 with a meg of flash attached.
For folks like me who write very small applications using the Arduino IDE, it's fine, as we only have access to the first meg of flash anyway.

One thing that did worry me, was their stock photo of the product.... Is that a solder bridge on the micro? How rough do those joints look on the CH340?

Photo from Amazon.co.uk, edited.

Maybe the production line wasn't up to temperature and the one they photographed was the first one off the line?! Perhaps it was hand soldered.

Here's a close-up of what I got. Much better.

To try out this module, I decided to put it into my LED sign, as this would let me test the WiFi, memory read speed and IO better than any of my other current projects would.
Here's a review video:

The LED Sign project is documented here.

More geeky stuff:
My arduino IDE settings to flash the D1 lite

Current at 5v, idle: xxx mA
Current at 5v, busy: xxx mA
Current at 3.3v, idle: xxx mA
Current at 3.3v, busy: xxx mA

Summary: It's a nice little board, and on Amazon Prime.
Recommend it: If you're in a hurry, yes. Cheaper from China.
Buy it again: Probably if I was in a hurry. Would buy from this supplier direct if they offered the product at a good price.