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HiLetgo Prototping Board: ESP82xx/Sonoff programming/dev tool

Paid Review - The supplier offered to refund the purchase price of this item in exchange for a review. It's an item I was buying anyway. This article was written before receiving the refund.

For the last 30 years, for small projects I usually use "veroboard" style stripboard stuff designed on squared paper, or etch a PCB by hand or from Eagle, but I've seen various makers on youtube doing things with prototyping board, which I haven't used before. I decided to buy some from Amazon, and the supplier offered a refund if I wrote a review.

This isn't just a review, it's a micro-project, too.
I've got a lot of ESP82xx based devices around me, in light fittings, heaters, sensors, displays, consoles and data loggers. When develeping code or programming these devices, I usualy have to mess around with jumpers and links to reset and flash them, so a little board to make that easier would be nice.

HiLetgo prototype board

I received 20 boards for 4 quid, next day, from Amazon.
For 20p per board, including next day delivery, it's a pretty good price. Looking at the boards, it's obvious that they are not made with precision as the copper islands and holes aren't aligned as well as they should be, but for 20p, the spacing is right. The copper is clean, and solders well.
One niggle - not all the holes are drilled right the way through, so some need to be cleaned up by hand.

See my video of assembling this mini project to see how the boards cope with normal and lead-free solder, and how easy they are to use...

Summary: It works. It's cheap with next day delivery.
Recommend it: Maybe.
Buy it again: No.